Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Registration



We "DO NOT" have Registrations On-Line!

Your registration and payment MUST be done at the SAME time of registration, and we have to receive the registration form and payment NO later than Wednesday, October 16th by 6:00pm.
We are ONLY accepting registration with payments. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Therefore, individual competitors are responsible for their own registration and payment, as a added convenience you may also submit your registration and payment through your instructor or by mail.

The Competitor Registration Forms will be available "ONLY" at each Charles Gracie Academy and Affiliated Academies locations.

1. The competition is open to Men, Women, and Children of all age groups and belt levels, from white to black belts in the following divisions:
• Kids (4 to 15 years old) White, Gray, Yellow, Orange, and Green Belts
• Junior (16 and 17 years old) White and Blue Belts
• Women (18 years and older) White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black Belts
• Adults (18 to 29 years old) White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black Belts
• Masters (30 to 39 years old) White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black Belts
• Seniors I (40 to 49 years old) White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black Belts
• Seniors II (50 years and older) White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black Belts

2. Registration deadline: Wednesday, October 16th by 6:00pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! Fees are as follows:
• Spectators: Admission Tickets
Children: 5 years old and under: Free Admission
Children and Adults: 6 years and older: Admission Tickets $5.00

• Competitors: 
Kids: $50.00 (4 to 15 years old)
Juniors: $60.00 (16 and 17years old)
Women: $60.00 (18 years and older)
Adults: $60.00 (18 years and older)

3. Each competitor will be allowed to register in ONE WEIGHT DIVISION ONLY. Due to the logistics problems arising from scheduling (often the adults, masters and seniors get called at the same time).

4. Each competitor must have a separate Individual Competitor Registration Form. Prior to check-in each competitor must have his/her own Signed Waiver Liability. Without a signed waiver liability, you will not be allowed to compete. Registration fees are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS!

5. You can register at your Academy IN PERSON with your instructor or by MAIL! We "DO NOT" have Registrations On-Line.

Registration at your Academy: Make sure you give to your instructor your "Individual Competitor Registration Form”, "Signed Waiver" and the "Registration Fee” at the same time.

Registration by MAIL: Make sure it is POSTED no later than Monday, October 14th. The Competitor MUST submits an” Individual Competitor Registration Form”, “Signed Waiver “and the “Registration Fee” at the same time. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Send completed Individual Competitor Registration Form, Signed Waiver Liability and Payment to:

Charles Gracie Academy
344 West Grant Line Rd.
Tracy, CA 95376

6. "ADULT WHITE BELT NOVICE DIVISION". The Adult White Belt Novice Division will be divided into sub divisions with respect to weight, age (adult, master and seniors); but all competitors will simply be White Belts with no more than SIX MONTHS training. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Of course, we will still have all the same traditional WHITE Belt divisions for experienced students and practitioners but we always look for ways to help NEW students develop and grow in the sport.

Remember that the ADULT WHITE BELT NOVICE DIVISION will be for the Adult Competitors of six months or less experience only! The regular white belt divisions for more experienced students will still be part of this tournament.


Competitors, please note that weigh-ins will be conducted on the mat before your first fight WITH THE GI ON. Remember, to select your weight division, use your weight with the GI ON.
All competitors must wear a CLEAN and a SOLID colored Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GI (Kimono), either ALL WHITE or ALL BLUE in color. NO OTHER COLORS OF ANY KIND! NO mixing of colors. Example; white pants and blue top or blue pants and white top, etc… will NOT be allowed.
Competitors will compete with regulation GIs only. A regulation GI is four fingers cuff clearance and sleeves are to be no shorter than 4” from wrist between wrist and sleeve of GI. All male competitors are not allowed to wear any clothing underneath the GI including T-Shirts, Rash Guard, Sweatpants, etc…

Attention competitors!

The Competitor Package will be distributed at the CHECK-IN TABLE the day of the tournament, it contains the following:
• Tickets for entry into the event (without which no one, not even competitors, will be admitted).
• One Tournament T-shirt.
• Match Queuing Card (this card will have your name, mat number to report to, and match number for your first match). Without your Match Queuing Card you will not be allowed in the competition area.

Instead of the regular "OPEN DIVISION" for each belt, we will have the 'CHAMPION OF THE CHAMPIONS DIVISIONS".

To qualify for the “Champion of the Champions” a competitor MUST take 1st or 2nd place in their weight division. The Champion of the Champions Division will have two weight classes, (181.0 lbs and under) / (181.1 lbs and over). White Belts will compete against other White Belts; Blue Belts compete against Blue Belts, etc...
Remember that the Champion of the Champions Division will be for the Adult Male Competitors Only!

A referee should always respect fair play. He should see that all competitors display their techniques to the best of their ability. It is not enough for a referee to mechanically conduct a match. He must exert his best efforts in each match to conduct the match smoothly and professionally so that the results can be satisfactory to all parties. A referee must always do his best make a just decision and accept the full responsibility for that decision. A referee must be impartial and non-bias to all competitors, and never favoring one competitor over another.

Competition Area Access to non-competitors will be restricted to Promoters, Volunteers, and Referees with the proper identification pass. Coaches / Instructors may accompany competitors onto the competition area, and must leave the area immediately after the competitor’s match. Students will be required to compete without the benefit of Coaches/Instructors on the corner of the mat.

• All Competitors will receive One Tournament T-shirt.

• All Competitors in first and second place will be awarded gold and silver medals respectively.

• All Competitors (ages 10 and older) in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

• All Children ages 4 to 9 will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place. All other children will receive bronze participation medals. NO participation medals will be awarded for children ages 10 and up.

• All Competitors who win the Champion of the Champions division will be awarded with champions belts.

In order to run a smooth and organized tournament, the tournament organizers reserve the rights to choose volunteers and reassignment. If you like to volunteer to help at the tournament, please feel free to contact us at (209) 832-9996 or by email at cginvitational@charlesgracie.com